Saturday, September 3, 2016

yana got a crush? (lol wtf idk bye)

ok so baru balik from besut and, like always, got this bittersweet after trip feels. about the trip pun ya tapi more to about him? lol idk.

back in cambodia pun like that also. i do miss being there tapi what i miss the most is to get to see him everyday? idk sounds so sappy and shit i might cringe rereading this later lol but it's okie la.

it's true tho. dulu macam tak boleh accept yang i got a crush lol tapi sekarang ok la. dira kata normal. farah kata i dah makin normal. lol idk. everything is temporary.

the thing is, kalau dia ada gf ke, crush on other ppl tu ok tau. like, i totally saw that coming. cuma... who is his important someone tu huhu. must be among us. that, is not what i saw coming. idk if i can accept it but i must too lol.

the thing farah said, i am "among us" but then lets be real la kan. babe, bro. it's not me for sure la. duh.. takkan lah? dah cukup broken ni dont give me hope and break me twice huhu. acah nak mampus kan lol.

tapi i'm pretty sure i'll get over it in no time. just like back in cambodia. bye cute guy. maybe you're too nice kot idk. maybe allah nak tunjuk again yang lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik. allah nak remind me again. idk i think so la. (haih why do i always fall for the nice one that wont notice me ever haihh)

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