Thursday, May 12, 2016

salam sims

ok so i cant sleep is why i'm here.
the result came out. idk i can make it. i was so harsh on me.
i was in legit tears, shaking and all. all praise for Allah, He made this possible.
He give me a chance. to prove myself.

i really hope i could share this happiness with someone.
i mean, of course i can. first thing that imma do tomorrow is go show this to mama ayah.
i hope they'll be proud of me. i'm proud of me.
i wanted to call someone to cry with when i cant trust my eyes just now.
but i realized i have no one to call. i never want to cry in front of my friends or acquaintance. i hate to be seem weak.
therefore i have no one to spill when i'm dealing with a very strong emotions that i'll end up crying alone.
it kinda frustrates me sometimes but i made me this way.

but i know, i can always share with Him.
i cant remember when was the last time i cried in sujud. was it when i was still 17? no idea.

thank you Allah, for making this possible. Alhamduliillah.

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