Sunday, September 4, 2016


taktau la. am i rly selfish kalau all i ask is for ppl to listen? like.. i kno it's petty ok i do realise that. my love life memang pathetic pun but pls let me be. alah my whole existence in general pun pathetic. explains la why these ppl don't give a damn pun. tapi.. i do listen to your dramas even if i taknak tau or like benda tu repetitive nak mampus sampai i pun malas but i still do listen.
then there's today. lmao. the presentation was a success. at least to me it does la. then nak study cpp baru la rasa macam?? wow i'm so stupid? lol. pastu still got time to fuss over petty things? why am i always like this? patut lah these ppl tak take me seriously pun masa i fuss bc so pathetic cam takyah pun sebenarnya. there's bigger things lah yana ffs!

idk where i'm going w these rambles tapi a thing i kno fo sho, just keep things to yourself. yes they tell you to share, to open up. just don't. it's a trap. people don't give a fuck if it gives no benefit to them. so start to shut the fuck up and just do your things silently. cry in silence, scream in private. they're not interested.

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