Monday, February 1, 2016

lils c

"i wanted to be a better brother better son" - polarize // twenty øne piløts 

i know i'm nowhere near nice nor kind hearted i'm not a good sister never be one never did once


it will be nice if they're proud of me. i want them to. i want to be a role model, an example for them. they can despise me all they want bcs i really am a bad sister but i seriously do want them to be proud of me as a person. i want to be successful. i want them to be proud. though all i've ever did was constantly annoy them to death, they can still tell their friends proudly; oh, that's my sister. she went through a lot, she deserved what she achieved.

but the question is, will i ever be? successful, i mean? an independent successful young lady. will i be one?

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